Creating a Great Video

Creating a Great Video – Just hit the record button, right?

WRONG!  Taking a video is like taking a photo.  It requires the correct usage of light, background, steadiness, angles, an understanding of the Rule of Thirds, editing, sound, and the list goes on.

Like photography, the right equipment will be of critical use to produce a quality product.  In this case, a great video.

Use Videos as a door to your shop.  The customer walks by and opens the door of a street-front shop, and on the web, they scroll through the list and find your video – they click to open, and now they’re in! 

How do you get to that point?  The point where someone has clicked play and is now watching and listening! 

Well, first comes planning.  Think about why you are creating the video?  What message are you trying to convey? And to whom?  Plan it all out first.  And please don’t forget to write a script, no matter how simple – write it out!

Next, get your equipment ready that you’ll need to create the video.  So, what kind of equipment will you need?  A camera that takes video (DSLR, or Camcorder, or even a smartphone; a microphone; lighting (knowing how to set up); and, memory cards, or sufficient phone storage – a larger capacity would be best – video takes up a lot more space than a photo. And some kind of editing software (a good one is preferable like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Openshot).  These are the basics.

OK, so now you’ve got your plan, your script, and your equipment – time to set up the stage!  (curtains optional! J)

So, if not a real theater or soundstage – what is the stage? It’s usually the room you’re going to film in – the essential keys to keep in mind are the following:  the background – and the lighting.  If a room with high ceilings, then you may want to think about the soundcheck now and see if you have some kind of echo or other issues due to the scale of the room.

These are just a few things to think about when creating a video.

OK, now you’ve taken care of the room, now let’s take care of you! Or whoever is going to be in the video.  First and last tips would be to practice it a few times –

and upon review, see what you like and don’t like – making some gesture that you were unaware of at the time, or something in the background that it was causing a distraction, lighting that isn’t quite working.   Just some examples of what to look for when you review.

Dealing with your nerves is another issue altogether!

Forget about what you’re doing and talk to the camera as if it’s a friend of yours.  Have a chat!  Nice and easy.  With some practice, you’ll become more at ease as well.

OK, get ready to laugh out loud!   All setup and ready for a take? – HIT RECORD! You’d be surprised how often we forget this. It’s not really a problem – consider it a dry run, another practice!

Now that you’re all done with the filming, what’s left?  Post Production or Editing.  Now, this takes some knowledge and skill.  But can be learned like anything else.  But good editing is crucial.

Congrats, you now know the basics of what it takes to create a video.

Practice makes perfect!  Keep filming and with experience you will find what works and what doesn’t.  

Want to skip the learning curve?  

We can help!  Contact us and let us know what you have in mind! 

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