Our Services

At Sayah Media we have taken great care in choosing what  services to perfect and provide.  We believe in concentrating our marketing services in order to best provide excellent quality and care to everything we do.

Our focus is in creating videos that express whatever message you want to come across. We believe so strongly about the strength and impact of a well put together video that we are concentrating our business on it.  

The goal of every service we offer is to add value to your visibility in the marketplace.  The market is ever changing and fast paced and we know what is hot, what is not and what will work. Trends constantly changing, businesses re-focusing and changing, etc.  

Our services and processes are detail oriented with the main focus being “listening” to your needs, fears, and dreams.  From there, we customize a plan that fits your needs.  We are business owners ourselves and completely understand that your business means a great deal to you and all who work for you.  We function as a team, 100% in sync with each other and we become an extension of your business when we work with you.  Your goals become our goals and together we will create a video that your company can be proud of!

The type of businesses we serve range from the solo business owner to small businesses, mid-size businesses and professionals.  click here: WHO WE SERVE.

Video Marketing

Sayah Media provides full-service NEW video production or can REPURPOSE your videos if you prefer.

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and improve your brand, product and or service.  It’s not something new but it is the fastest growing marketing tool out there.  Reaching thousands if not millions, depending on your target audience. 


The importance of video is realized through basic human emotions.  It creates a multi-sensory production that is highly attractive and thoroughly engaging. Most of our senses are used but the strongest ones are our sense of sight, and hearing. Even our sense of taste and feeling can be invoked – sometimes you can just feel how soft or rough something is and or taste the cold drink or chocolate dessert!  Our eyes and ears can impact our other senses even without really using them – without feeling the towel or tasting the chocolate.  Every video can have that emotional impact on the viewer to such a degree that they act upon what they see.  That is incredibly powerful!


This is a POWERFULLY EFFECTIVE way to build your KNOW LIKE AND TRUST factors with your target audience.


So, how is this really achieved?  


First by finding the right team and then STRATEGY!


We work with you on developing a workable video marketing strategy.

By having a clear understanding of your goals we work on a plan that will effectively bring your message across and achieve your goal. 


Goals can be anything, from just showing a product to getting to know you, to teaching a subject and the list goes on!  We help you focus what you want against what you really need and then we develop plan together.


What’s your message? – Scripts and Content are key.  Who’s the target audience? What’s point of the video? Where are you thinking of using it? Etc. etc.  These are just a few of the questions we’ll work with you on to create the best video and have that message be clear and always captivating!


We’ll work with you to determine all the facets of what goes into creating a video that people will be interested in viewing.   The type of content, emotion you want to invoke, and so much more.  Then we start to develop the storyboards and from there filming etc.


At Sayah Media we strongly believe in the collaboration with our clients and they all appreciate that.  That they are kept in the creative loop and most importantly they are HEARD!

This is something that our clients say sets up apart from other firms and we are proud of.


Remember, at its core a video simply tells a story. But if one isn’t clear and it’s not well-planned “strategized” then it won’t have the impact that you are seeking.


Last note: creating a strategy that will give you a video that leaves the right impression on your target audience isn’t as simple as saying “ I want a video on my product.”   That’s only the starting point!


In comparison to other marketing tools, videos can be quite cost-effective.


So, let’s get together and STRATEGIZE and CREATE the perfect Video for you!

After going through the strategy process, you will come to know what types of videos are needed to achieve your goals.  Sometimes what you thought was the video you wanted a firm to create, isn’t actually the right one after the strategy stage is complete! 


At Sayah Media we like listening and strategizing with you to figure out what videos will work best for your needs.  We don’t believe in the hard sale – or boxed “templated” proposals and offers. We feel that each person has specific needs, target audiences, budgets, and end goals.


Yes, overall most of us want success, we want to make millions of dollars – but what is it each person is defining as “success” or what is important to them? 


We do have a list of the types of videos we feel are the most effective and the best ones to choose from:


Ö      About Us

Ö      Testimonial

Ö      Quick Tip/How To

Ö      Lead Magnet/Irresistible Offer

Ö      Product Demo (Descriptive)

Ö      Expert Interviews

Ö      Live Videos – Streaming live



You may find there are many different “types” of videos out there, but at Sayah Media we feel strongly that these options are the most powerful videos to work with.  Why?  Because each one concentrates on one message and therefore the end product is clear. 

The main function of all these videos is to build a relationship between you and your target audience. These videos let you and your company shine!


This is vital as most videos are under 3 minutes and so your message needs to come through fast!  Here are the Videos we feel are crucial for any business:



Ö      About Us – At its core, this video is based on emotions.  In this video you tell your company’s story, the heart of what your business is all about.  It both humanizes and explains your company at the same time.  This is the video to start building the three factors that is crucial in closing any deal: KNOW LIKE and TRUST.  


Ö      Testimonial – We all know about testimonials.  It’s when a customer is willing to speak on a company’s behalf about their experience with them.  The power of this type of video is that people relate to things and other people.  It’s the way our brains function.  We have a need to make connections and relate them in some way, then we can understand them and make decisions. 


Here your target audience has an opportunity to see and hear others’ experiences and opinions of you.  To relate to someone who has already been down the road they are now considering going themselves.


Ö      Quick Tip/How To – Everybody loves free advice, especially when it actually works!  We’re all always looking for information on how to do something or fix something.  This is your company’s chance to show your “know how”.  Building on KNOW LIKE and TRUST via giving correct and useful information to your target audience.  This is your chance to show that you know your stuff!  No one wants to choose a company that doesn’t know how to do what they say they can do!


Ö      Lead Magnet/Irresistible Offer – the power of this video is right in its name – irresistible! So what does “lead magnet” actually mean?  It’s a marketing term that means giving something for free – be it an item or service or free consultation, etc. And in so doing, gathering useful information about that person – their contact information, what they are interested in, what they are looking for and need, etc. 


Ö      Product Demo (Descriptive) – Though in its name it’s about products, this can equally work for services. Why? Because at its core this type of video is a type of quick deep dive into a real description of what your company does.




Ö      Expert Interviews – The power of this is in its name: expert.  Experts in all walks of life are respected because of their vast knowledge. This type of video can not only be used to explain something but to really validate it. 


Ö      Live Videos – Streaming live – This gives a company the ability to include people into events they could not otherwise join for whatever reason.  Livestreaming, as we all know, became vital and kept many businesses afloat during the pandemic.  Post-pandemic, it will still be useful, because if you have an event where 100 people attend in person, you may actually be able to get another 20 -50 – 100 more people attending via streaming!  More people at your events or meetings can be what makes it a success vs a failure!




What really goes into the process of creating these videos?


From the Initial Consultation Call to delivering the final video product, there are many steps in between.  The basic breakdown is Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production.


Now, let’s delve into these:


1)    Pre-Production –


Consultation; Researching and Creating Proposal and Strategy; more meetings with client – gathering even more information – including content; Discussions about budgets; Finalizing a workable, reasonable strategy. Creating a Timeline for the rest of the process – (weather to be considered and added into timeline as well).


2)    Production –


The number of days and locations already set in pre-production strategy and timeline.  Production now is going to the location(s) and setting up; filming a number of takes – possibly from various angles, and moving possibly to other locations. Setting up lights, cameras, mics, etc. Also, includes packing up.



3)    Post-Production –


This is the stage where everything comes together!  An exciting stage and usually takes the longest time.  Here, we review all the footage taken and begin the editing process using a variety of professional software programs, keeping the “strategy” and core of the video in the forefront while editing.  Depending upon use of video, the length of the video is most important in the editing process.  No matter how short – it still must be able to impart the desired message clearly and smoothly!  This takes time and skill!

Depending on the video various effects, and music can be added.  Also, “text” or information displayed in movement, etc. etc.  Done in stages and pieces.  Like a puzzle it comes together in a fabulous final version!









Social Media Ad Campaigns

Once we create the video, the next step is to get it out there! Considering the various platforms, budgets, and creative assets we’ll collaborate with you on your social media campaign.  We’ll orchestrate something that will work on each platform.