The sky’s the limit…

The following is a Sizzle reel video which showcases some of our latest work. Enjoy the preview!

Sample Medical Practice Educational Piece

Real Estate Video Production

The following 2 videos were taken from a 6-week Speaker Series we were hired to produce. This was an exciting and interesting project and quite a hit with their audience!  From concept to full production.  We successfully integrated social media commentary within the livestream. The series was a hit! 

Have a story or message you want to share?  This lovely lady, Danielle, a grief recovery specialist, trusted us to bring her story to the world. It’s beautiful because it comes across with her authenticity in an uplifting and inspiring manner.  What’s your story? 

There’s nothing quite like showing the “before and after” of any project!  It can be surprising, and inspiring! When you can inspire someone with your work, they will be more apt to seriously consider you to do the same for them!  So, get inspired to create videos for your business with us, and inspire others to leap into action to call you! 

Want to showcase one of your best projects?  Video is a great way to elevate your work to the style and class you are aligned with. 

Microcontent Informational Pieces for Social Media

One of our clients, among other things, loves to use Social Media Videos, and we tailor each one for their specific needs. While we are always conscious of maintaining their brand consistency. This type of video is ideal for posting on instagram and facebook pages.

We were asked by our client to create a testimonial video and Rachel’s love and enthusiasm for Imagine That made her a perfect interviewee. The testimonial video is one of the most powerful, influential marketing tools out there today.