Video TikTok Strategy (from November 2 2021 TikTok Article)

The following highlight is from TikTok’s recent article on how to create “your first TikTok promotion”.  

Although the intent is about the user to put down some ad spend dollars, we found it really helpful for even organic strategy… here is an excerpt!

“Tell your story

One of the easiest ways to get started on TikTok is to introduce yourself, your product or service, or share a story about your business.

First-person story

Connect with the TikTok community by sharing your story.
A few questions to get you started:
—  What motivated you to start your business?
—  How does your business solve customers’ needs?
—  What happens behind the scenes of your business?”

Credit: TikTok Article click for full article

The other plans are very helpful too… 

Full article from TikTok
Full article from TikTok