Why do a Link tree url on Instagram?

We recently created a video about why you should do a link tree.  Check out the original instagram post below.

Should you change your link in the bio from your website to a link tree?

Here’s five reasons why.

1) You don’t have a website

2) You do have a website but you don’t want to mess with the back end. It’s good.

3) Your website’s homepage is a lengthy scroll. Which means that maybe a great story, but maybe people don’t want to scroll through the whole story right now. They may be not ready to buy your big offer, but want to get to know you.  (If you told them “click the link in the bio” you want the process to be as intuitive as possible to get to the call of action for that post). 

4) Your social media posts go to more than one place like your website, your YouTube channel, even your latest Twitter post.

5) You have dynamic or seasonal offers.

So what is a link tree?

A link tree is simply a mobile friendly page that requires no scroll (in some cases**) and is an efficient way to get your customer to see the next step you want them to take. 

You control the number of buttons and can make it as long as you want. 

Here are a few examples of link trees: 

Link Tree Platform: Linktr.ee
Link Tree Platform: Beacons.ai
Link Tree Platform: Linktr.ee
Link Tree Platform: Contentinbio.com
Link Tree Platform: Linktr.ee
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When you post on social media consistently, the next step could be watching a video, subscribing to your email list or entering your giveaway.

Social media and your business offers and incentives are dynamic.

Link trees are an easy way to manage a tight menu of options that you can swap out easily.

Want to know how to set up a link tree?  

We will post that soon, and put a link on this post when it’s up!