Mundane or weird clips to sell for stock video sites

We recently created a video about how something mundane like peeling potatoes can make money (theoretically).  (Potato Link will work when it gets approved, so if you see nothing right now, it means it’s still in process) 

Let me preface that we are not by any means expert submitters on stock video.  Our efforts focus on creating videos for businesses. However we always are aware of other revenue streams, so we do put out some content just for the possibility of passive income.

So if you want to check out our stock footage of potato peeling footage, here is a link to our collection.

But we would encourage you to explore these sites, and if you are a fellow filmmaker, video enthusiast and have access to something unique or niche, applying to be a contributer may be something to consider!

Here is a fantastic guide to selling stock video:

Artgrid was rumored to award more money than the other sites, but it’s also difficult to get approved.  Stocksy is another one we tried, but they were not accepting new applications at the time we did.  Both of these sites are good about getting multiple clips from one artist that can create a story.  So you can get the medium shot, closeup and fancy angles for the same subject.

Pond5 is easy to get in, but it’s a “catch-all” where the quality is all over the place. Check out this “failed oven” search results and you can see the numerous clips.

Envato, Adobe Stock and Getty Images are other resources you can consider as well.

Do you currently contribute to a site?

Comment below and tell us about it!

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