What happens to your files and your Google Drive Storage when someone deletes a Shared Folder you contributed to

When someone deletes their google drive shared folder, but it has your files- how does this affect you? This article explains the impact on location of your files and storage space on your google drive.

What happens when a co-worker deletes their google drive shared folder that YOU contributed to with your files?

Find out what happens to your google drive space, the status of your files in less than 2 minutes in this video! Or read below!


So today we’re going to make sense of Google Drive and shared folders. 

What happens when somebody deletes a shared folder? 

Does that mean everything you uploaded is gone? Let’s find out.

 We have person A and person B, 

Person A creates a shared folder and uploads about 17.8 gigs and they invite person B to upload their 1.39 gig folder.

Now if person A delete such shared folder, how does that impact their Google drive space? 

Whenever you upload a file on Google Drive, it doesn’t matter if it’s to a shared folder, somebody else’s shared folder or your own drive that is counted against your Google storage space.

So, what happens when person A deletes the folder? Does everybody lose everything? 

No, actually when person A deletes that entire shared folder, they only lose all of their stuff. 

That was at 17.81 gigs. (Also they have to empty trash in order to regain that space)

But now anybody who contributed to that folder, their files go back to their drives. 

So Person B would then have their initial drive. It’ll be right back to person B’s “My Drive”.

Key Takeaways:

If you upload anything on google drive it counts against your space even if it’s in someon else’s “shared folder”.

When someone deletes the shared folder, contents of the folder that were uploaded by other participants will not be deleted. Those contents will move back to their respective “my drives”.  

So let’s say you want to regain that space-  Make sure you delete the files that you don’t need, that are now back in your “My drive”. And empty trash!

So What Happens when someone changes access to a shared folder and locks someone out who uploaded a bunch of files on that folder? 

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